#physiotalk guest blog: Twit-what?

#physiotalk discussions on Monday evening included whether people had access to Twitter from work so we’re really pleased to welcome this week’s guest blogger Gina Sargeant.  In her blog post below Gina talks about how the therapy team at Royal United Hospital, Bath, have started to use Twitter. 


“Twit –what?” was the first response I received when I mentioned Twitter in a therapy staff meeting… that was 6 months ago.  Now we are starting to use it for CPD, networking, fundraising, and promoting good practice at the Royal United Hospital, Bath. So, what did we do?

The Hospital could be termed as SoMe progressive, @RUH is a good follow: established by the hospital comms team it is aimed very much at patient information and events. Our fundraising team @ForeverFriendsA network extensively on Twitter; so both really helped with getting the therapies off the block…

I had been on Twitter for a while and used it to great effect to catch up on all things NHS prior to starting this post in March this year, so I was able to wax lyrical about how I had both enjoyed it and found lots of information, and that the Trust allow access to social media and many of the staff have a presence. Yet the masses remained unconvinced, and were cautious with the usual concerns about professional reputation, boundaries and the how to do’s…

So I set up a department site, @PTOTSLTdept, starting with re-tweeting of useful information, links, and the occasional tweet about department fundraising, events and thoughts…

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Then came #Hellomynameis… from the inspiring @GrangerKate; it became the lead initiative undertaken by the therapies teams during a Trust-wide week focused on patient experience. Not only reminding us of good communication practice, it demonstrated the beauty of Twitter to establish a nationwide campaign for patient benefit and prompted lots of discussion about practice, the profile of therapies within the Trust, and patients expressed their appreciation and amusement. All in all the department were convinced.

Since then we have completed several training sessions and the therapy team are slowly but increasingly using Twitter, some are ‘lurking’  – a term which I like for observing and reading #physiotalk last night, and some are actively taking part. I am encouraging some of the leads to initiate CPD using Twitter, and as with all IT we are finding our students are leading the way. In the new year I am hoping to start using it for recruitment too.

So with the combination of @Physiotalk,  @OTalk_Occhat and @RCSLT ….  I’m off to my IT department to ask for TweetDeck on the desktop….


Head Of Therapies, RUH Bath & Specialist Private Neuro Physio

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