Are you ready for #AHPsactive in August?

We would normally be holding a #physiotalk chat on 7th August – but we are taking our Summer holidays. You’ll just have to wait another 2 weeks for our next chat – sorry!

BUT – we do want you all to take part in the #WeActiveChallenge being run by our good friends over at #WeCommunities. So – what is it all about?

During August they are asking you all to ‘to dust off their trainers, walking boots, or swimming gear, active wear, and GET ACTIVE and tweet pictures to share what you’ve been doing’. I’m sure that’s something all physiotherapists would want to promote – after all you have all been busy tweeting your #workoutatwork17 photos all summer!

But there is a competitive element – and if you are anything like me you like a bit of competition… You are asked to hashtag your photo with one of the campaigns hashtags, depending on your professional group. So of course we are asking you all to be #AHPsactive. The AHPs have won for the last two years and we don’t want this year to be any different (I did say I was competitive didn’t I).

For more information see the WeCommunities website for details

Then during August get active, get tweeting with your pictures and get #AHPsactive.


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