Covid – 2 years on #Physiotalk 8pm GMT 14th Feb 2022

23rd March 2022 marks the 2 year anniversary of the first UK national lockdown. Our #Physiotalk Tweetchat on 14th February will focus on the impact of Covid. We look forward to sharing your reflections and what you have learnt in your personal and professional lives. Have you changed role? Have you gone back to your original role? With the benefit of hindsight what would you have done differently? How have you supported your physical and mental health?

14th February also marks St Valentine’s Day. St Valentine was a 3rd century Roman saint associated with love. So it is right that we pay tribute to the many thousands of lives that have been lost during the pandemic. Many of us will have lost dearly loved family, friends, colleagues and patients. Many of you have been unwell and may be still suffering the after effects of Covid.

So we would like you to share your reflections with each other as we come together to reflect on the past 2 years.

Questions to think about:

  1. How has your professional practice changed in the past 2 years? Is your job the same as what it was before Covid or have you moved into a totally new role?
  2. From 1st February to 30th April 2022 Physiotherapists in the UK are in the renewal period for HCPC registration renewal. Has Covid changed your opportunities for Continuing Professional Development during the past 2 years? What have you learnt? How will you evidence your learning?
  3. Supporting colleagues is more important than ever in healthcare. What acts of kindness have you seen in your professional lives in the past 2 years? Who has inspired you?
  4. Has Covid changed your outlook on life?
  5. Looking after physical and mental health is important for Physiotherapists. But are you someone who gives great advice and does not follow it through for yourself? Maybe you are someone who has not done a lot of exercise or looked after your diet in the past 2 years. What changes would you like to make to improve your work life balance? What can you commit to do differently from today?

Missed the chat?

Then catch up with the transcript here

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