Journal club

ebm-journalWe are  keen to run a regular #physiotalk journal club but this will rely on volunteers getting involved and hosting. Here is a quick guide to what’s involved in hosting a #physiotalk journal club.

Here’s some information about how it works:


  • Let us know you’re interested by tweeting @physiotalk or emailing
  • Choose a paper that people will be interested in and that you would be confident to lead a chat on (you don’t need to be an expert as  it’s also about facilitating discussion).
  • Set the date with the physiotalk team – we tend to set dates up to 4 months in advance but are happy to book things in further ahead if needed (see our calendar here)
  • Write some pre-chat information – this should include an overview of the paper and areas to be discussed, key questions and any useful links for pre-chat reading,  email it to us at least 2 weeks before and we will post it on the physiotalk blog.
  • Plan some key questions you would like to ask during the chat to stimulate discussions – around 3 to 6 are normally the right amount – we’d recommend planning these in Word and checking characters ready to copy and paste on the night (make sure you include #physiotalk in all tweets)
  • We will tweet some build up tweets from @physiotalk ahead of the chat – and you can help with this too, we will also schedule some tweets for one hour before the chat

During the chat

  • Introduce yourself and ask people to tweet their introductions
  • Give an overview of the focus of the chat
  • Remind everyone to use the hashtag!
  • Ask some pre-planned and more spontaneous questions, and also respond to people’s question and responses and some final tweets to finish
  • You will probably need to use TweetDeck


  • You can use hosting a #physiotalk discussion to demonstrate the impact of your learning about social media!

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