Working with companies & organisations

Since establishing physiotalk in 2013 we have established a track record for hosting proactive, well organised twitter chats, as well as promoting the dynamic, professional use of social media by the physiotherapy profession.

Our regular chats bring together physiotherapists, students and other health care professionals to discuss a broad range of topics and issues affecting patients and professionals, and we have collaborated with a number of organisations to plan and deliver twitter chats, including the Health and Care Professions Council, World Confederation for Physical Therapy, and the Department of Health.

Partners and sponsorship

Physiotalk has been running for 3 years, with initial investment by its co-founders Janet and Naomi. We have ambitious plans for physiotalk and to achieve this we’ll need some help from organisations who are keen to collaborate and support the physiotherapy community, and add value to twitter chats and other social media activity. Physiotalk is non-profit making, and our focus is on supporting physiotherapists to learn, share and improve care through social media based networks and discussion.

#Physiotalk connections continues to grow:

  • We’re connected to over 16,500 people on twitter, in the UK and internationally, with a steady growth in of around 400 followers each month.
  • Physiotalk pre and post-chat information is viewed by up to 1000 people per topic.
  • Our website views average 2000 per month.
  • In the past year the #physiotalk hashtag has been used by over 35,000 times by over 4000 people leading to 58,000+ impressions.
  • We have close links with the @WeAHPs community for collaboration with allied health professionals and a number of other twitter communities.

Here’s what we can offer:

Twitter chats:

  • Working with you to agree a chat topic that will interest #physiotalk followers and result in a good level of engagement in the chat.
  • Comprehensive chat planning –covering focus, areas of discussion, useful resources and approaches to structuring, facilitating and promoting the chat.
  • Agreeing and publishing pre-chat information posted on website at least 2 weeks ahead of the chat, including links to additional information.
  • Daily promotion of the chat and pre-chat information through twitter for 2 weeks ahead of the chat, timed for busiest times of the day for twitter activity by physiotherapists.
  • Targeted promotion to relevant professional networks through social media and email.
  • Chairing/facilitation of the chat by 2 members of the physiotalk team – with the option of co-hosting by the company/organisation.
  • Post-chat summary published on the website within 24 hours of the chat – including analytics, transcript and chat participants from Symplur, with promotion via twitter for up to a week afterwards
  • Post chat data including Symplur, participant location and website views , with option of 1 week, 1 month and 6 months post chat.

Training and consultancy

  • We offer consultancy and training on social media for small businesses and physiotherapy teams, including developing your social media strategy and using social media for community engagement and continuing professional development.

If you are interested in any of the above you can contact Janet and Naomi at for more information.

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