Twitter CPD

Social media offers fantastic opportunities for learning from others, sharing ideas and continuing professional development (CPD). This section of our website includes some ideas on how to use Twitter in your CPD record, appraisal and personal development planning.

dreamstime_s_33554818Learning from Twitter

Twitter is fast, responsive and up to date – allowing you to see news, resources and other people’s responses to them the day they publish. It crosses professional, hierarchical and geographical boundaries and gives us access to evidence and information to help us improve our practice and services.

Using Twitter can help you to to fit learning activities flexibly around work, home, personal interests and work priorities – and all for free.

Here are 10 examples of learning activities associated with Twitter:

  1. Becoming familiar with and sticking to professional and employer guidance on social media, see our list here.
  2. Learning how to share information and views succinctly and professionally, and becoming more confident about ‘publishing’ information in a very public space.
  3. Listening to the perspectives of patient groups and leaders, including #hellomynameis  and National Voices (@NVTweeting).
  4. Spontaneous discussions on professional topics – both joining in and just ‘listening’.
  5. Twitter chats: focused, fast moving discussion and sharing of ideas, including structured pre and transcripts (see more on how to tweetchat).
  6. Following key organisations in your field of work and seeing updates, news and publications from them on the day they publish.
  7. Following conferences on twitter to see key messages, links and commentary.
  8. Watching conferences and events live streamed via Periscope on twitter (more on Periscope here).
  9. Finding and following links to blog posts on a range of research, practice and policy topics.
  10. Finding links to presentations posted on SlideShare or YouTube.

See our pages on evidencing learning from twitter and top tips for twitter CPD for more.

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