hosting #physiotalk

Quick guide to guest hosting or co-hosting a #physiotalk tweet chat

We run fortnightly #physiotalk tweet chats, and many of these are run by guest hosts or co-hosts. Here is a quick guide to what’s involved in hosting or co-hosting #physiotalk so you can get a feel for what you might be getting yourself into!

Depending on how confident you feel the physiotalk team support you with planning, running and reviewing a #physiotalk twitter chat.  We can give you as much support as you feel you need.


  • Let us know you’re interested by tweeting @physiotalk or emailing
  • Decide on a topic you think people will be interested in and that you would be confident to lead a chat on (you don’t need to be an expert as  it’s also about facilitating discussion).  We are aiming for a range of topics over 2014 to appeal across the profession but appreciate we can’t be too choosy!
  • Set the date with the physiotalk team – normally we will set dates up to 4 months in advance but are happy to book things in further ahead if needed (see our calendar here)
  • Draft some pre-chat information – this will normally include an overview of the areas to be discussed and any useful links for pre-chat reading, and questions for the chat. This should be no longer than 400-500 words.
  • Fill in this Guest host form and send to us via email and then we will post it on the physiotalk blog.
  • Plan some key questions and resources you would like to use during the chat to stimulate discussions – around 4 or 5 questions are normally the right amount, as well as some useful links and resources.
  • You can use this tweetsheet to help you plan the chat.
  • We will tweet some build up tweets from physiotalk ahead of the chat – and you can help with this too, we will also schedule some tweets for one hour before the chat

During the chat

  • How we run the chat will very much depend on how confident you feel and whether one or more of you are involved, so options include:
    • The physiotalk team leading from physiotalk and you co-hosting from your organisation’s account or personal account
    • You leading from your organisation’s account or personal account with or without help from us
  • Ask some pre-planned and more spontaneous questions  and also respond to people’s question and responses and some final tweets to finish.


  • You can also use hosting a #physiotalk discussion to demonstrate the impact of your learning about social media.

2 thoughts on “hosting #physiotalk

  1. @Peter_Gettings

    This is a really useful post, I am definitely interested in at least co-hosting although I have no idea what topic I would like to cover. I find the thought of all of the post-chat data etc quite daunting as it seems so well done after the first two and I have no experience of it at all.

    • Thanks Peter- looking forward to working on a chat topic with you!
      Sorting out the chat data is very easy so can’t take any credit for it really, and can show you how – you just go here: and enter the time period you want to cover at the bottom of the page, choose if you want analytics or a transcript – and it does it for you (just need to remember it’s PST not GMT so 8 hours behind). We just then hyperlink to the pages for the analytics & transcript in the post-chat blog post.

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