Who to follow in 2014?


The New Year is here and have been a few ‘who to follow in 2014’ lists popping up on Twitter. Physiotherapists and other allied health professionals (AHPs) seem noticeably absent from these lists, so I started to think about who should be included on a ‘who to follow’ list of physiotherapists and AHPs.  But then I stopped and thought some more. There are so many enthusiastic and knowledgeable tweeters out there that who you choose to follow will depend on your experience and interests, so spending time developing a list of  physiotherapists to follow is probably of limited use.  I also wondered if developing a list might alienate people – both within and outside of the profession, and the great thing about Twitter is that it can break down boundaries between services, professions and hierarchies rather than build them up. In developing physiotalk we want to be collaborative and encourage people to get involved.

That said, following the right people can be key to getting the most out of Twitter and if you are new to it all then recommendations can be really useful. So, instead of list of who to follow in 2014 here are some suggestions for how to choose who to follow in 2014:

Hopefully this list is useful, and if nothing else illustrates the range of physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals and organisations using Twitter as we start the New Year.  All the links above are for lists created for @physiotalk and we will continue to add to these over the year.

If you have any other suggestions these are very welcome via Twitter or by commenting on this post.

As for how we can increase our influence as a physiotherapy community on Twitter and feature more in the lists of 2015? Join us on Twitter for #physiotalk on 6th January for ‘making social media work for you in 2014’, and on the 20th January for ‘strategic influencing with Twitter’!

Happy New Year everyone, @NaomiMcVey.


One thought on “Who to follow in 2014?

  1. […] Even though this blog has had a slow start, I did get launched on twitter – @ekstokes – and that has been great fun and is beginning to become a great learning tool as well as one for sharing. Who’d have thought – 140 characters. On 6th January at 20.00, I am looking forward to joining in @physiotalk chats on twitter – making social media work for you in 2014 – https://physiotalk.co.uk/ so spread the word to those who might like to join in. It is one form of networking which is different and I’d say under-utilised by physiotherapists. If you are getting started check out physiotalk’s blog on ‘who to follow in 2014′ […]

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