Post-chat summary from #physiotalk 6 Jan 2014

It was another busy #physiotalk Twitter chat last night on making social media work for you in 2014, thanks to everyone for getting involved and taking part. There were lots of ideas and questions, and a few actions for us to follow up.

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If you found it hard to keep up or missed the chat here is some post chat information from last night, and up until 9am today, to read at your leisure.

327,798 Impressions

550 Tweets

79 Participants

The #physiotalk analytics give you some numbers and activity. The transcript contains all the Tweets from the discussions last night and this morning and give you a really good account of the discussions. The timing are in Pacific time (PST), which is 8 hours behind GMT.

Areas of discussion included:

  • Use of twitter to network, find information and for continuing professional development
  • Whether to have two twitter accounts – one for work and one for personal use (blog post to follow soon on this)
  • Knowing what to use for what and the need to decide what you are using Twitter for and prioritise
  • How to increase physiotherapy profile through social media?
  • How to promote blogs?
  • Role of iCSP, Facebook groups and LinkedIn
  • How to store information found on twitter

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We’ll be sorting out a beginners guide to social media for the blog, but for now here’s a quick guide thanks to @AnnieBruton:

SM in pictures

Some actions for the physiotalk team from last night include:

  1. Sharing useful resources and links on social media though Twitter and on the blog – we will start to add more links to the blog over the next month and here are some really useful resources from @wenurses
  2. Sharing our Social media pages: Facebook, LinkedIn group and Pinterest
  3. Writing some more physiotalk blog posts on Twitter and social media use over the next month – including a top ten beginners guide to social media
  4. Highlighting blogs and some of the Facebook groups of potential interest to the physiotherapy community over the next few weeks and adding them to the blog
  5. Follow up with the CSP on the possibility for some more social media articles in Frontline
  6. Getting in touch with #wenurses about a future multidisciplinary tweet chat, and we have already been in touch with #OTalk about some joint chats
  7. Pre-chat information for the 20th January – this will be ready at the weekend

And don’t forget useful guidance on social media use:

Let us know if there is anything we have missed!


All #PhysioTalk Participants last night:

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