Post-chat summary from #physiotalk 20 Jan 2014

Strategic Influencing with Twitter

It was another busy #physiotalk on Monday night on ‘strategic influencing with Twitter’, with lots of great ideas and suggestions, and plenty of questions too! Thanks to everyone for getting involved and taking part, especially @Prof_IeuanEllis, and as with the last chat there are a few actions for us to follow up over the next week.


If you found it hard to keep up, or missed the chat, here is some post-chat information to read at your leisure.

456,355 Impressions

615 Tweets

79 Participants

The #physiotalk analytics give you some numbers and activity. The transcript contains all the Tweets from the discussions on the night and the next morning and give you a really good account of the discussions. The timing are in Pacific time (PST), which is 8 hours behind GMT.  There were quite few tweets without the hashtag included and unfortunately they won’t be in the analytics or transcript.

For all you number crunchers out there – over the first 3 chats the number of participants has stayed pretty steady at around 80 but the number of tweets and impressions is creeping steadily upwards (by about 100,000 impressions each time). Can we get over 1/2 million impressions next time?!

Areas of discussion included:

  • Who and what do we need to influence as physios and Allied Health Professionals?
  • Who do you try to influence?
  • How can we influence successfully through Twitter & #SoMe? What has worked for you?
  • is it important to use Twitter just as part of your overall influencing strategy?
  • How best to plan to use Twitter for influencing – long term or is short term best?
  • What should we be aware of if we are to be successful – how best to use Twitter to our advantage?
  • How can we measure the impact of our #SoMe influencing activity?

There were a range of  views and opinions and we would really recommend reading through the transcript for help, advice and experiences on using Twitter effectively, and that we really can’t do justice to in a short write-up.

However, here is a flavour of some of the chat:

20Jan tweet 3

(As ‘host’ this is what I felt like half way through…. @janetthomas47)

20Jan tweet 1

20Jan tweet 2

We’ll be working on a Storify to pull together a ‘story’ of top tips from the chat over the next few days, and here is a Story from the chat from @LauraBoyd.

And finally some actions from last night for the physiotalk team  include:

  • We’ll be working with @wenurses and @Otalk_Occhat on joining up for a chat for Parkinson’s awareness week in April
  • Finalising plans for our tweet chat with @the_HCPC on the 3rd February
  • Arranging forthcoming #physiotalk dates for students and newly qualified physiotherapists in April and May
  • Keeping an eye on our ‘Klout‘!

Any comments let us know here on the blog or via Twitter.

All #Physiotalk Participants last night:

You can click on the pictures below to follow people on twitter.

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