AHPs as health promoting practitioners Monday 23 June #MDTchat

AHPs as health promoting practitioners

We’re excited to be supporting #PHPweek by holding a #MDTchat twitter chat for all AHPs – focusing on our contribution to public health as health promoting practitioners.  We hope AHPs can join us on Monday 23rd June 8-9pm (BST) with Alison Raw (@AlisonRaw), Allied Health Professions (AHP) Adviser at the Department of Health.

Week of action #PHP week

At the Heart of it All: Personalised Care and Population Health takes place in Birmingham, the second national public health conference for nurses, midwives, health visitors and Allied Health Professionals (conference website here).

During the week before the conference, the 23rd to 27th June, the Department of Health and Public Health England’s Nursing and AHP teams will be holding a ‘ Week of Action’ which will focus on health improvement and health promoting practice. This will be an opportunity for nurses, midwives and AHPs to promote innovative practice in the professional press, twitter chats, blogs and webinars. There’s lots more information on activities during the week available here, including a webinar for AHPs Wednesday 25th June 3-4pm.


Public health1

#MDTchat for #PHPweek

During the chat we’ll be discussion the role of AHPs in public health now and in the future, and questions will include:

  • What is public health
  • Why is there a push for more of us to be health promoting practitioners?
  • Why are AHPs important to this?
  • What more can we do?

The #wenurses team will also be holding a twitter chat for #PHPweek on Thursday 26th June – see here for more information.


Information and resources to look at before the chat:

Chat support!

Chat summary

685,000 Impressions

628 Tweets

141 participants

Well, you kept us busy and there were lots of great questions and ideas! So here’s a link to the transcript to catch-up on the conversation is you found it hard to keep up, or if you missed the chat.

@WeNurses held a similar chat on Thursday 26th June and you can read the information from before and after the chat by clicking here.

Check out these videos on YouTube that were mentioend during the chat as well:

23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?

Science Of Persuasion

There is also a blog  post here from Orla Barry @careeradviceire reflecting on the chat.

All #MDTchat Participants


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