Physiotherapy in acute medicine #physiotalk 24 Nov 2014

Physiotherapy is a diverse profession that is well embedded in a wide range of health care settings. For example, If you were to walk onto a general acute medical ward in any hospital across the country, you would likely find a physio doing their ‘stuff’. But what are they doing? And why? In fact, should they even be there? Acute medical wards are for sick people and sick people don’t want to be exercising (or whatever it is that physios do) do they? Actually, maybe all they do is ‘just take people for a walk’?

photo (1)These are questions that we may find ourselves being asked, or even asking ourselves. Are they valid? Well, yes. In a time where increased hospital admissions are being met with tightening of the ‘purse strings’, it is valid to question established practice and to ensure that the organisations (and ultimately the general public) are getting value for money.

The purpose of this #physiotalk will be to discuss what really is the role of the physio in acute medicine, what makes a good acute medical physio, how we can demonstrate our worth to those who may question it, and also how are physios in acute medicine perceived by the multidisciplinary team, students and our peers?

Areas to think about ahead of the discussion:

  • What is the role of the physiotherapist on acute medical wards?
  • What skills or attributes make an effective medical physiotherapist?
  • How do we demonstrate or measure the effectiveness of physiotherapy on medical wards?
  • How is physiotherapy in acute medicine perceived by physiotherapy students or even physiotherapists working in other areas/specialities?
  • How is physiotherapy in acute medicine perceived by other members of the MDT?

Post chat information

The transcript from the chat can be found here 

Link to Society of Acute Medicine


About our host @_JoeMiddleton

I qualified as a physiotherapist in 2005 from the University of the West of England, Bristol with a First Class honours degree. Having completed my band 5 rotations, I have spent the last 7 years working as a senior physiotherapist within the speciality of acute medicine and rehabilitation. I will be shortly completing a PGCert in healthcare leadership. During this I met with many like-minded individuals and was also exposed to twitter where I found a burgeoning community of physiotherapists who further fuelled my passion for acute medicine and also challenging established, convention-based practice.

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