2015 General Election #physiotalk 16 March 2015

PollingThe UK parliamentary general election is fast approaching, with election campaigns starting officially on 30 March in the lead up to the election on Thursday 7th May, and the future of health and social care is already a key focus of debate.

Before the election campaigns start we’ll be holding a #physiotalk discussion on Monday 16th March at 8pm on how, as healthcare professionals, we can get involved in and influence these campaigns. We’ll be discussing what the general election means to us as healthcare professionals, and as patients and service-users, and how we can find out more information and use this opportunity to influence the future of health, public health and social care.

Pre-chat resources

Some questions to think about before the chat:

  • Are you registered to vote and is it up to date?!(registration deadline is 20th April)
  • How are health and social care issues shaping the run-up to the general election?
  • What does high-quality, compassionate health and care in the future look like?
  • How can we get involved in pre-election campaigns and use this opportunity to influence the future at a local and national level? What information do we need to help us do this and what questions should we be asking?
  • How will digital media, including social media, change the ways that we can access information on the election and election campaigns?
  • Do you know who your local MP and other parliamentary candidates are? Are they on Facebook or twitter and do you follow them?

This will, of course, be a political discussion but we’re planning to keep it as non-party political as possible and we won’t be siding with any political parties during the discussions.

Info on taking part in tweetchats

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