Getting the most out of clinical placements #physiotalk 27th April 2015

The student takeover of #physiotalk ends on Monday 27th April at 8pm with a student-focused chat on getting the most out of placements, hosted by our takeover team.

photo (1)Clinical placements are a demanding time for students, and questions about preparing for placement are often posted on the PhysioLocker Facebook group. We’re hoping to use this opportunity to make the most of the range of knowledge and experience of the physiotherapy and healthcare community on twitter, bringing together students, newly qualified physiotherapists and experienced managers, educators and clinicians to share questions, experience, and tips for successful student placements.

We’ll be adding more information to this post during the course of the week, and we’d like you to add areas you think we should discuss by commenting on this blog post.

Questions to think about before the chat:

  • What worries students most about placements?
  • What do students enjoy most during clinical placements?
  • How should students prepare for placements?
  • How can students successfully meet the expectations of both clinical educators and universities when on placement?
  • What makes a good placement, from both a student and educator perspective?
  • How can students using reflection effectively to learn and improve their practice?
  • How do students balance the competing demands of placement with assignments etc?
  • For qualified physios: what experiences as a student on placement, good and bad, have stayed with you since and how has this affected the support you give students on placement?

Chat support!

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  1. This is a really good idea to ensure that students think carefully about how to get the most from their placements. They might want to think about keeping a journal as well as it will allow them to see how much they’ve learned during each assignment

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