Research into practice: barriers and enablers #physiotalk on Monday 6th July 2015

On Monday 6th July 8pm(BST) the physiotalk team will be hosting a #physiotalk on integrating research with practice. This is clearly a massive topic to tackle in one hour, so we’re planning to focus on key barriers and enablers when it comes to getting research into physiotherapy practice. This is also a topic that can raise heated discussion on twitter, so we’re expecting some strong debate. ebp2With this in mind here are a few areas to think about before that chat:


  • Interpretation of research: How confident are you interpreting research, especially in relation to statistics? For example there are some interesting discussions around the value of ‘P-values’ in research.
  • Access: Do we all have easy access to up-to-date research? For example are paywalls are still an issue for physiotherapists without institutional access to databases?
  • Cost effectiveness – how comfortable are we evaluating and interpreting the cost effectiveness of physiotherapy interventions? Is this important?


  • EBP1Professional standards: What do regulatory  and professional standards expect of us in regards to integrating research with practice?
  • Guidelines – What are they, who produces them, do we have to use them and how useful are they
  • Implementation science, quality improvement and change management: What are they, and how can they help physiotherapists integrate research into practice?
  • Organisations and networks: What roles can and do CLAHRCs, AHSNs, clinical senates, professional bodies, professional networks and others play in helping services integrate research into practice?

Pre-chat resources:


  1. What does integrating research into practice, and evidence-based practice, mean to you?
  2. What do you think are the main barriers to integrating research with current physiotherapy practice?
  3. What can help us to facilitate and promote integrating research with current practice?
  4. How can implementation science and quality improvement theories and techniques help us?
  5. What, as a profession, do we need to focus on in relation to evidence-based practice in the short and long term?

Chat support

We kept the transcript open for 24 hours so that physiotherapists from further afield could contribute at a time that suited them – thank you for your contributions! We will continue this with all relevant tweetchats to enable #globalPT participation.


  1. Dear Manager

    I would like to take part on this discussion. I live in Luxembourg so kindly let me know the time. Please note the date is wrong. Monday is the 29th of June.

    Mariella Graziano

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