Evidencing the quality and efficiency of AHPs’ care #WeAHPs 27th April 2017

WeAHPs aprilOur next physiotalk tweetchat was due to take place on bank holiday Monday, so instead of eating into your long weekend we’ve decided to join WeAHPs the week before, at 8pmBST Thursday 27th April on the why, what, who and how of evidencing the quality and efficiency of our services: http://www.wecommunities.org/tweet-chats/chat-details/2992

The themes from this tweet chat will support a workshop discussion at NHS England’s Chief Allied Health Professions Officer Conference in July, led by Dr Joanne Fillingham,Clinical Director AHPs at NHS Improvement; so this is an important tweetchat for physiotherapists to take part in.

Physiotherapy – the past, the present, the future #physiotalk 15th May

On Monday 15th May at 8pmBST we’re holding a tweetchat ahead of the 40 year anniversary of the 1977 Health Circular 77/33 – a landmark in our professions’ history in the UK that started the process for physiotherapy becoming an autonomous profession, giving physiotherapists the right to treat patients without prior medical referral. We’ll be discussing autonomy and practice, and joined by Chairs of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy past and present including our hosts, current Chair  Catherine Pope and Joyce Williams, Chair from 1982-85. Continue Reading

Easter #physiotalk…. and #GPBO

The next #physiotalk falls on Easter Monday – and so rather than a tweetchat we thought we might do something a little different!

Easter Egg Hunt

What could be more traditional than an Easter Egg hunt? Starting on Easter Sunday and running through to Easter Monday we will have a #physiotalk Easter Egg hunt. Hidden within our website we have hidden some Easter Eggs – the first clue will be tweeted out on Easter Sunday and if you follow the clues you will eventually find all the eggs and perhaps a special #physiotalk message at the end as well. If you get stuck then we will be tweeting out additional clues as well over the Sunday and Monday. Easter eggI’m afraid all the eggs will be virtual and so will the ‘prize’ – but of course this is much better for your waistline and teeth! Continue Reading

Primary care ready? #physiotalk Monday 3rd April

mandate3On Monday 3rd April at 8pm UK time we’ll be discussing the knowledge and skills that physiotherapists need in order to work safety and effectively in primary care.

Widening the primary care workforce

GP practices in the UK are facing increasing workforce pressures, and as a result many regions are developing primary care skill mix and a multi-professional primary care workforce.

The GP Forward View includes commitments on increasing the use of non-medical clinicians in primary care, including physiotherapists.  The new national AHP strategy AHPs into Action was published by NHS England in January – impact 2 of AHPs into Action focuses on AHPs supporting general practice and emergency care. Continue Reading

The Student on Placement – A Student Perspective #physiotalk 20th March 2017

Our next chat will be at 8pm on Monday 20th March. The chat is hosted by Dale Whelehan (@daleyfurter)  who is the Deputy President and Chief Academic Officer of Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union and a student in physiotherapy. He says ‘Often, I come across cases of a varied cohort of students in Health Science courses on placement facing issues. I am aiming to challenge the status quo and make the Educational experience one of which can benefit both the staff and the student.’

This chat will focus on student placement – something we have all experienced as students and of course many of us have experience as a practice educator. Continue Reading

Whiplash: from government reform to physiotherapy practice #physiotalk Monday 6th March

At the end of last year the UK government consulted on proposed changes to personal injury claims in England and Wales, with the aim of tacking increasing costs to motorists. On Monday 6th March at 8pm UK time we’ll be holding a tweetchat on what these changes might mean for patients, physiotherapists, and physiotherapy services.


whiplash3Put simply – whiplash is a type of neck injury caused by sudden movement of the head forwards, backwards or sideways (NHS Choices); often reported by people following acceleration/deceleration injury to the neck, most commonly via a road traffic accident. Symptoms include neck pain, neck stiffness, dizziness, headache and arm pain. Whiplash is also associated with disability, decreased quality of life, and psychological distress (Sterling 2014).

As an injury associated with motoring accidents whiplash is also a compensable injury, this can add extra complexity to patient care and physiotherapy management – and has included multiple government attempts to reform compensation claims processes over recent years.   Continue Reading

Person-centred practice: what is it, and do we do it? #WeMDT Thu 16th Feb

We are holding a joint @physiotalk and @WeNurses tweet chat on Thursday 16th Feb at 8pm GMT – note change of day from the usual physiotalk chat! We will be using a #WeMDT hashtag for the chat.

Internationally there is increasing evidence, motivation, and policy drivers in relation to placing person-centred care at the centre of practice. There is ongoing research and debate focusing on what this means in different contexts and what the challenges are to engaging in person-centred practice. Continue Reading