Not long to go until our first #physiotalk!

It’s not long now until our first #physiotalk tweet chat at 8pm on Monday 16th December!

To get to most of of the discussions on the night don’t forget to read through the pre-chat information below and our ‘how to tweet chat‘ (both slightly updated since first posted in November) as this will help you prepare for the chat.

If you are planning to include participation in the chat in your CPD record the pre-chat information can also help you plan this (see the CSP’s CPD cycle). For example, it can be useful to note down what you are hoping to learn from the chat, and how you might contribute.

‘Making the most of social media and tweet chats’

Using Twitter and other forms of social media for work and professional development presents healthcare professionals with brilliant opportunities for learning and sharing best practice across services, regions and countries. However, there are challenges too, including restricted access to social media in workplaces and confidence to hold conversations in a very public space.

This first tweet chat aims to help people share experiences of using social media, highlight guidance and support on how to do this, and think about how #physiotalk could be developed in 2014.

Areas of discussion will include:

  • What do you like about Twitter and other forms of social media?
  • How confident do you feel using social media in a professional capacity and/or as a student physiotherapist?
  • Does your university or organisation support and promote the use of social media?
  • How can we encourage the physiotherapy community to make the most of Twitter and other forms of social media?
  • How do you currently use Twitter for work and CPD?
  • What are your top tips for using Twitter?
  • What you think is the best way to run physiotherapy tweet chats in the future – including dates, times and frequency?
  • What topics for discussion would be most useful in 2014?

A post-chat summary will be available here on the blog a few days after the chat.

The team behind @physiotalk will also use the discussion to inform the development of regular #physiotalk chats in 2014 (only 5 weeks away!) and the development of the website.

Pre-chat reading:

Here are some resources that will help inform our discussions:

This is a new project and comments & suggestions are very welcome.

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