Post-chat summary from #physiotalk 16 December 2013

We had a busy #physiotalk Twitter chat last night on making the most of social media, thanks to everyone for getting involved and contributing. There were also a number of people just listening – and that was great too.

It was fast moving at times so here is some post chat information from last night, and up until 1pm today, to read at your leisure.

213,708 impressions
493 Tweets
80 Participants

The #physiotalk analytics give you some numbers and activity, and the transcript contains all the Tweets from the discussions last night and this morning (you can print this – but there are a lot of pages!). Please note – the timing are in Pacific time (PST), which is 8 hours behind GMT.

There were some useful resources mentioned last night so over the next week we will collect the links and post them under the useful info section of the website.

All #PhysioTalk Participants last night:

You can click on any of the participants to follow  them on Twitter.

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