In just a few days Janet and Naomi (the physiotalk team) will be heading to Cardiff for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’s Annual Representative Conference on the 3rd and 4th March.

We will both be tweeting before and from the event using the event hashtag #ARC2014 so we thought it might be useful to post some brief information before the event, especially as many of our international, nursing and AHP followers will not be able to access the ARC information from the CSP.

Arms voting

Janet and Naomi will meet each other face-to-face for the first time at ARC, and we’re also looking forward to meeting other people we’ve chatted to on twitter.

What is ARC?

The Annual Representative Conference is the event at which members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy debate and vote on the priorities for the society over the next year.

Motions for debate are submitted to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’s Annual Representatives Conference agenda committee by membership groups ahead of the event. At the conference motions are proposed, seconded and then opened to the floor for debate. This is a great opportunity to hear a range of views on issues that are important in healthcare and the physiotherapy profession. There were some fantastic speakers last year and we are looking forward to more lively debate this year.

Who attends?

The Annual Representative Conference is attended by representatives of the CSP membership. This includes voting representatives from:

  • Regions of the UK and the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland boards (Naomi is attending as a representative of the North West region)
  • Professional networks (Janet is attending in this capacity)
  • Students
  • Associate members
  • Stewards and safety representatives
  • Equality and diversity network
  • Retirement network

Annual Representative Conference 2014 and twitter

The official hashtag for the conference is #ARC2014 and has been registered with Symplur by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy  (see here).  You can use twitter, TweetDeck, hootsuite or other twitter apps to follow the hashtag (click here for more info) and use the Symplur page to create transcripts for each day or both days.

Janet and Naomi will both be tweeting from the event, but we will also be concentrating on the debates as well! We look forward to meeting many of you there.

After the event…

It was great to see so many people tweeting from the event, and as #ARC2014 was registered with Symplur by @thecsp it’s easy for you to generate your own analytics and transcripts – here’s some for the two days:

1,273,846 Impressions

1,000 Tweets

136 participants

Click here for more analytics and here for the transcipt.

All #ARC2014 tweeters:

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