Physiotherapy and the #NHSLongTermPlan – #physiotalk Monday 21 January

the-nhs-fit-for-the-futureLast week saw NHS England publish the eagerly awaited NHS Long Term Plan. This sets plan, priorities and commitments for the NHS over the next 10 years.  On Monday 21st January at 8.30pm we’ll be holding a tweetchat to discuss the implications and importance of the plan for physiotherapists and physiotherapy services in England.

The plan provides a number of areas that are of significant relevance for physiotherapists, including:

  • Increasing the capacity and responsiveness of community and intermediate care services.
  • Expanded community multidisciplinary teams.
  • Getting people home without unnecessary delay when they are ready to leave hospital.
  • Progress on care quality and outcomes – including postnatal continence, mental health, low back pain, cardiac rehabilitation, stroke rehabilitation, and pulmonary rehabilitation.
  • Research and innovation.
  • Digitally enabled care.

The CSP has provided an excellent overview so we won’t repeat details here but it’s important that physiotherapists recognise the importance of this plan for physiotherapy services over the next 10 years and get involved in next steps locally.

Questions to think about before that chat:

  • What do you see as the key priorities and commitments for physiotherapists and physiotherapy services in the NHS Long Term Plan?
  • Where, as a profession, are we already doing well in some of these areas? What gaps will need more support?
  • How can all physiotherapists play a part in the next steps of the long term plan?

Pre-chat resources


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