‘Ask a physio’ #MDTchat 19th May 2014

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????On Monday 19th May 8-9pm(BST) we’ll be hosting the third #MDTchat, on ‘Ask a physio’ – when you will be able to ask the physio-twitter community questions on the how, what, why and where of physiotherapy.

This chat follows on from ‘Ask an OT’ held on the 29th April and we’re busy planning a number of #MDTchats throughout this year with other tweet chat communities (more info coming soon).

‘Ask a …’ #MDTchat series

During the inaugural #MDTchat for Parkinson’s’ Awareness Week in April we discussed how as health and social care professionals we don’t always fully understand each other’s roles, and that this can get in the way of providing effective care, treatment and services for patients and clients. So, @Kirstyes from the #OTalk team suggested a series of #MDTchats called ‘Ask a/an….’ where we get to ask other professions the questions we’ve always wanted to ask.

Integration and person-centred care is a key priority for health and social care services in the UK (see recent WeNurses chat here), and to do this well we need to understand and respect what each other does, and the part we play within multi-professional teams and patient pathways. So, as well as answering your questions on physiotherapy/physical therapy we’re hoping to stimulate some discussion on how we can learn more about other health and social care professions back in the workplace.

‘Ask a physio’


This will run using our usual physiotalk chat format, and hosted by @physiotalk and using the hashtag #MDTchat. It will be an opportunity to ask questions on the role of physiotherapy/physical therapy and we look forward to questions from health or social care professionals, service user groups, and anyone who is interested in finding our more about what we do.

During the chat we will not be able to offer specific or personal advice but we are happy to answer your general questions about physiotherapy/physical therapy – for example around training, areas of work, standards and regulation, physiotherapy/physical therapy internationally and across the NHS, private practice, military service and beyond.

In turn we’ll ask you some questions too:

  • How does physiotherapy and physical therapy differ between countries?
  • What pre-conceptions do you have about physiotherapy/physical therapy and physiotherapists/physical therapists?
  • What practical things could we all do to improve our understanding of what other health and social care professionals do in order to improve care and service for our patients and clients?

So, everything you wanted to know about physio but were afraid to ask! We look forward to the chat and if you can’t make it on the night you can tweet your questions to @physiotalk ahead of the chat using #MDTchat.

Remember professionalism in tweeting during the chat – more info here.

Pre-chat resources:

Chat support!

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