Your first job: #tipsfornewphysios

You’ve nearly finished your degree, you’ll be HCPC registered and it will soon be time to start your first job as a newly qualified physiotherapist.  Nervous?  Excited? Confused?

We’re hoping to once again harness the collective experience and enthusiasm on Twitter to give you lots of #tipsfornewphysios and help you on your way to a fantastic and rewarding career.



We’re going to approach this slightly differently – and we’d like you to start tweeting your #tipsfornewphysios straight away and keep posting your advice over the next few weeks.  Serious, motivating, irreverent (but always professional) – everything you think newly qualified physios should know as they start working as a physiotherapist.  We’re hoping to hear from patients, carers, physios, healthcare professionals, lecturers, managers – anyone who can share their advice.

We can’t claim this is an original idea – the hugely popular #tipsfornewdocs has been around for a couple of years and is really useful for physios too.

#physiotalk Monday 12th May 8-9pm

We’ll be holding a #physiotalk tweet chat on starting your first job on Monday 12th May 8-9pm (BST). Before and after the chat we’ll signpost to useful support and information and hopefully the chat transcript and summary will also be a useful resource.

D??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????iscussions will cover:

  • Preparing – what to do before you start
  • Making the most of your first few weeks/induction
  • First impressions
  • Reading and resources that can help
  • Tips for success, and any do’s and don’ts

Pre-chat resources

Chat support!

Post-chat information

After a quiet start it got busy last night and there was lots of advice for physio students and newly qualified physios – which can be found in the chat transcript below.

There were also some volunteers for organising a regular physiotalk journal club- this is something we’ve been hoping to get of the ground for a while so we’ll be busy planning this over the next couple of weeks.  If you’re interested in hosting or blogging for physiotalk get in touch via Twitter or  Physiotalk is run in our spare time so we always welcome offers of help, and it’ great CPD!

392,668 Impressions

309 Tweets

56 Participants

You can find analytics here and a full transcript here.

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