HIV and rehabilitation #physiotalk 22 Sept 2014 with @RehabHIV

Scientific advances over the last decade have drastically altered the HIV landscape in a positive way.  People living with HIV are living longer, but they are also living with the long-term health challenges of HIV, treatments, aging and concurrent health conditions.  The aim of this session is to raise awareness of HIV and disability, share knowledge about the role of physiotherapy, exercise and rehabilitation in HIV care, and to highlight existing research and discuss future research opportunities.

2nd International Forum on HIV and Rehabilitation Research

HIV rehab flyerThe 2nd International Forum on HIV and Rehabilitation Research will take place in London, on Saturday 11th October 2014:

About the chat host:

Darren Brown is a specialist Physiotherapist in HIV and rehabilitation at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London; the largest HIV unit in Europe.  This role provides both inpatient and outpatient specialist HIV rehabilitation services including the HIV clinics and the Kobler Rehabilitation Class.  Darren is the Vice-Chair of the Rehabilitation in HIV Association (RHIVA) (, the HIV/AIDS Coordinator of the World Confederation of Physical Therapists IPT-HOPE ( and a UK member of the Canada-UK HIV Rehabilitation Research Collaborative (CUHRRC) ( @RehabHIV @darrenabrown.

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