What is ‘good rehabilitation’ #physiotalk Monday 4th July

Tempting as it was to join our cousins across the pond in a 4th July celebration, we have decided to stick with our usual Monday night tweetchat at 8pm BST! The topic is linked to the publication of Rehabilitation and Recovery: A Once for Scotland Person-Centred Approach to Rehabilitation in a
Post-COVID Era

We are not going to discuss the publication in detail – as for many of our followers the specific detail is not fully relevant. However one element that we would like to bring up for a Monday night debate is the Six Principles of Good Rehabilitation

The publication sets out what rehabilitation is, stating that :
Rehabilitation means different things to different people. Here rehabilitation refers to a wide range of approaches that include activities, interventions and information resources that support
individuals to recover or adjust to achieve their full potential. It includes approaches that focus on
early intervention for prevention, prehabilitation and supported self-management.
Rehabilitation should be outcome focused and support individuals to work towards goals that are
realistic, achievable and meaningful to them in order for them to live well and feel more in control
of their own health and wellbeing

It then sets out six principles of rehabilitation, and it is those that we intend to explore during Monday nights tweetchat

  1. Easy to access for every individual
  2. Provided at the right time
  3. Realistic and meaningful to the individual
  4. Integrated
  5. Innovative and ambitious
  6. Delivered by a flexible and skilled workforce

Chat questions

What does ‘good rehabilitation’ mean to you? Is it different to effective rehabilitation?

Can you deliver good rehabilitation in your service at present?

What are the barriers to delivering good rehabilitation to you face?

How would you ensure that you meet the 6 principles of good rehabilitation?

How would you ensure that you exceed the 6 principles of good rehabilitation ?

Do you feel you have the right skilled workforce to deliver effective rehabilitation?

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