New graduates: supporting the transition #physiotalk 3 August 2015

As the end of the academic year approaches the physiotalk team will be holding a #physiotalk tweet chat on ‘new graduates: supporting the transition’ on Monday 3rd August at 8pm (BST).

First job

I can still remember the interviews for my first physiotherapy role, the suit I wore, and my excitement when I got the call to tell me I’d been successful. Before I knew it I’d moved to Brighton, settled into the nurses home, started my first rotation, and managed to find my way around the sprawling Royal Sussex County Hospital.  Hidden bathroom cameras notwithstanding (!) I had an amazing time, learned a huge range of skills that I use on a daily basis years later, completely changed plans about which area I wanted to specialise in, and made friends for life.

GraduationIn the next couple of months hundreds of new physiotherapists will start their first physiotherapy jobs across the country  Being a newly qualified physiotherapist can be both an exciting and daunting time, and the support of peers, colleagues and managers is so essential for supporting professional development, confidence and competency, as well as promoting safe and effective patient care.

Questions to think about before the chat:

  • What are the best ways for new graduate physiotherapists to prepare for your/their new role, and how can you/they make the most the first few weeks/induction?
  • What are the biggest challenges for newly graduate physiotherapists, and what can help the most with these? How can we best support new physiotherapists?
  • How you can bring your energy and enthusiasm into the role, and how can physiotherapy and multi-professional services make the most of fresh ideas and new talent?
  • What opportunities are out there for support, CPD and career development, and how to make the most of opportunities right from the start?

Pre-chat resources

Chat support:

Post-chat links

Click here for chat analytics and here for the transcript.

#Physiotalk Participants

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