Helping people to fulfil their potential #worldptday tweetchat Mon 7 Sept 8pm (BST)


The world is getting smaller. Globalisation and technology mean that now more than ever we can share ideas, advice, and best practice in real time, and connect with people across geographical boundaries. This gives us huge opportunities to support professionals and organisations around the world.

World Physical Therapy Day is one of these opportunities. Held every year on 8th September, the day the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) was founded in 1951, it is a day when physical therapists and physiotherapists can promote the profession and its work and:

  • showcase the significant role the profession makes to the health and wellbeing of the global population
  • raise the profile of the profession
  • campaign on behalf of the profession and patients/clients to governments and policy makers

The day marks the unity and solidarity of the physical therapy community around the world. It is an opportunity to recognise the work that physical therapists do for their patients/clients and community. This year’s theme is fulfilling potential.

To support the event the we will be running a tweetchat on Monday 7th September 8pm UK time:


We will be using the #worldptday hashtag and focusing on how we work in partnership with patients, clients, citizens and populations to help them to fulfill their potential, and discussing the following areas:

  • What does fulfilling potential mean to you – as an individual, physical therapist, patient, or carer?
  • What is the political, economic, social and technological context that physical therapists are working in around the world? How do these impact on people’s ability to fulfil their potential? How can we influence some of them?
  • How can and do we work with our patients and clients to ensure that the health decision’s and behaviour changes are “owned” by them?
  • In addition to patients/clients who do we need to work with to help people to fulfil their potential?
  • What more can we do to raise awareness of the impact that physical therapy can have on people’s lives, and those of their families and carers?
  • How can we create lasting impact from initiatives like #worldptday?

We are also delighted that the chat will be co-hosted by Hannah Ensor @stickmancrips who will make sure the discussions include the perspective and experiences of patients. Click here to read Hannah’s biography and find out about her business Stickman communications.

#worldptday Resources

WCPT is providing two types of materials:

  • Materials that PTs can give directly to the public and/or policy makers as part of their campaigns and events.
  • Materials that will help PTs plan campaigns and events, and provide source material for speeches, articles and press releases.

Materials for the public and policy makers:

  • A leaflet: to distribute directly.
  • Posters: to put up in public places.
  • Postcard: to distribute directly.
  • Translations: the posters, flyer and postcard are also available in Spanish.
  • A t-shirt design and logo: to download and get printed locally.
  • Stickers: to download and print on standard printer labels.
  • Banner artwork: to download and be supplied to local manufacturers.
  • Twibbons: to add to your Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Materials to help physical therapists:

  • A World PT Day booklet with information about this year’s theme along with ideas for events and how to plan the day
  • A resources booklet on why physical therapy matters: providing valuable research findings, statistics and policy background for use in PTs’ own campaigns and events.
  • An article by the WCPT President: to be used in newsletters, magazines, newspapers etc (find in the “Resources on why physical therapy matters” booklet).
  • Press release template and guide to writing a press release.
  • Facts and figures about physical therapy (find in the “Resources on why physical therapy matters” booklet).
  • A list of further resources produced by WCPT’s member organisations which make the case for physical therapy and the difference it can make to individuals, societies and economies (find in the “Resources on why physical therapy matters” booklet).

Chat support:

Chat transcript

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