Gamification in Rehab #physiotalk 22 February 2016

For our #physiotalk on Monday 22nd February 8pm(GMT) we’ll be joined Priya Maloni and Cosmin Mihaiu from @MiraRehab to discuss gamification in rehabilitation.

Today technology has infiltrated our daily routine from personal to professional, and everything in between. Advancements in technology have helped streamline difficult processes, standardise protocols, store information and ultimately simplify our daily lives.  The same applies for health services and ultimately for the world of rehabilitation.  New innovative technologies are constantly emerging that are geared towards facilitating therapy, ‘Gamification’ being one of them.

For this #physiotalk we will be discussing the use of games in rehabilitation, the benefits, the limitations, the barriers, and any other interesting thoughts that may emerge.  Is technology the future of healthcare?  Join us for the #Physiotalk and let us know your thoughts.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the use of typical elements of game playing with other non-game activities (such as physical exercise) in attempt to enhance the experience of that activity and create value for the player. By incorporating a gaming element to healthy activities, which acts as an additional incentive and motivator, it enables people to enjoy the activity while pursuing that healthy activity. For example biking on a stationary bike connected to a TV that has you competing against other cyclists or apps that monitor medication consumption.  The list is growing and most probably will continue to grow as digitalising health is an escalating trend.

Mainstream technology such as the Wii have attempted to tackle the world of physical rehabilitation providing gaming environments – using external devices to promote aerobic conditioning, strengthening and balance.  Some therapists have adopted these tools into their therapy sessions with patients. Research is varied in demonstrating clear data and results, however it consistently demonstrates the need to work in collaboration with clinicians and users to ensure that games are appropriate and effective.

Motivating patients to exercise can be challenging, especially with regards to home exercises when the therapist is not present.  Some exercises can be repetitive and cumbersome, could Gamification be the solution to this challenge? Adherence is traditionally are difficult to monitor, you cannot follow your patient around all day, however could technology be providing alternatives to tackle this issue?

Ultimately with the influx of new technologies, the most important question is ‘What is best for the patient?’. The goal of this #physiotalk is to discuss the potential benefits, limitations, experiences, concerns with the emergence of ‘Gamification in Rehab’.

Key questions

  1. Are you familiar with gamification in physiotherapy and rehabilitation?
  2. What are some of the gaps in relation to exercise prescription and adherence with your patients? Do you think gamification could help?
  3. Have you had experience using innovative digital games in your treatment sessions? What are some of the Positives? Negatives? Limitations you have experienced?
  4. What factors/criteria do you consider when choosing to use games with patients?
  5. What are some of your personal barriers in introducing innovation and technology in your practice?
  6. What is the Future of Physiotherapy?

Pre-chat resources

About our co-hosts

MiraCosmin Mihaiu is the CEO of MIRA Rehab. His background is as a Software Engineer and has co-founded MIRA with three colleagues: Alina Calin, Andrei Cantea and Andrei Dascalu.  The company has received several honours and awards, and has established major collaborations with institutions across UK and Romania. Cosmin also had the great pleasure of presenting MIRA on the TED Fellows stage at TED 2015.

Priya Maloni is the Business Development Manager at MIRA Rehab.  She is a Canadian Physiotherapist and business professional with a strong belief in innovation in the healthcare sector.  She started with MIRA as she believes strongly in the product and its benefits for both the patient and the therapist.

MIRA Rehab is one example of ‘Gamification’ in rehabilitation. For more information on how the technology can help you and patients see the MIRA website.

Post chat transcripts 

If you want to catch up on the chat, or record it for your CPD, then you can look at the transcript at any time. This also includes analytics for the tweetchat and who took part. 

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