#Physiotalk Advent Calendar 21st December 8pm

It is the end of our second year of #Physiotalk and as the festive season approaches we realised we had hosted 25 tweetchats in 2015. It seemed like too good a chance to miss having our very own #Physiotalk advent to celebrate all the tweetchats and our wonderful guest hosts in 2015 If you click here or on the advent calendar picture it will take you to our interactive calendar!


Advent Physiotalk

Each window is a tweetchat – how many do you remember and how many did you take part in! Click on a picture and it will take you to the blog posting as a reminder…

Our tweetchat on 21st December will be a walk through memory lane as we ask the chat questions that never quite got fully answered in 2015. You know the ones:

  • The questions that we always seemed to run out of time to ask.
  • The ones that we tried to squeeze in with only 2 minutes remaining
  • The ones that could have run and run even though it was already 9.30…

You will each have your own ideas of what these questions are – so here is your chance! Out of the 25 chats hosted in 2015 what was the question YOU want most to have had more time to debate and discuss? Tweet us @physiotalk before the 21st December – and you never know- the Physiotalk Santa may well have the gift of your question on Monday 21st December.

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