Diversity & inclusion: supporting student transition into employment #physiotalk 8 Feb 2016

On Monday 8th February at 8pmGMT we’ll be joined for a #physiotalk tweetchat by Kerry Pace (@diverselearners) and @physiochar to discuss diversity and inclusion within the physiotherapy workforce.

The discussion will cover some of the areas shown below, particularly around disability and how we can share information and good practice, and raise awareness of diverse needs. You can watch a pre-chat video here on YouTube.

physiotalk tweetchat

Some questions to think about before the chat:

  1. What support does your university provide, or what support did you get from uni pre-transition from studying to employment?
  2. What were your biggest concerns about starting work?
  3. What things are/were different being qualified to being a student?
  4. What support networks can you access to support transition into work?
  5. What advice would you offer to a newly qualified physio who had additional needs?

Pre-chat links:

Chat support

Use these resources if you are new to tweetchats or would like more help:

About our hosts

Kerry Pace (@DiverseLearners– Kerry (the face in the pre-webinar video) and the team at Diverse Learners support healthcare  students, HCPs  who have dyslexia, dyspraxia, mental health issues and/or long term health conditions all over the UK as well as providing dyslexia and dyspraxia awareness training for mentors and for Trusts  inclusion training and consultancy.

 This gives Kerry a unique insight to the differences in provision and approaches used in different workplaces and Trusts. It provides a network that supports has a wealth of strategies and resources that support ALL practitioners.

Kerry is a founding member of  Disability in Professional Practice Special Interest Group (Dippsig) and on the International Advisory Board of Nursing education in Practice .

Kerry raises awareness about issues related to disability, inclusion, access in healthcare settings via workshops. speaking, tweeting and events. She also, researches, [uk.linkedin.com/pub/kerry-pace/45/353/b1b/]writes and blogs and shares vlogs (Video blogs) on Youtube.  

Charlotte Berry– Graduated from Cardiff in July, started working as a band 5 rotational Physiotherapist in August. In the second year of my physio degree I discovered I had dyslexia. With help from my personal tutor and Diverse Learners I have found ways to overcome this. I would like to help other students that may be going through a similar situation, especially through the transition into work as this can be daunting and feel like you are on your own.

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