Getting active #physiotalk Mon 10th Aug 8pm

Its August – and so of course that means the return of the #WeActiveChallenge

We hope that you have been posting your #AHPsActive photos since the start of August – and if you are reading this wondering what I am talking about, then take a look at the We Communities website to find out more (and of course take part).

Running a competition like this might seem a little odd whilst we are still in the midst of a pandemic, but as the organisers say ‘We’re really hoping to bring a bit of fun to Twitter amid all the COVID-19 chat to give us all a much needed break’. But there is far more to being active than fun of course – and especially so during the times we have found ourselves in recently.

AHPsActive collage2

There is a well known link between mental wellbeing and physical activity and many of us have been using exercise and activity during times of stress at work to improve our mental wellbeing. This can be particularly so with exercising outdoors – even being outdoors for 5 minutes can improve mental health.  Of course exercise and physical activity can also improve a whole range of physical issues as well – just take a look at the resource list compiled by @exerciseworks for a starting point!

Our chat around this time last year focussed on how we can be role models to others for physical activity – this year the chat on Mon 10th August at 8pm BST will focus on the benefits to ourselves that being active brings.


Chat questions

  • How important is being active to you?
  • Have you changed how active you are during COVID19?
  • How have you found time to exercise / be active during a very busy time at work?
  • Has being active helped you during the pandemic?
  • How do you find being active / exercising helps your own mental health?
  • How did you maintain your motivation to exercise when gyms / pools etc have been shut?


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