Physiotherapists as leaders in physical activity #PEPA16 tweetchat 13 June 2016

We are delighted to be collaborating with @exerciseworks and @annalowephysio for our physiotalk tweetchat on Monday 13th June 2016 at 8pm UK time. We’ll be using the hashtag #PEPA16.

Physiotherapy, exercise and physical activity MOOC

BJSM NM 4On 4th July Physio-pedia and Exercise Works! are launching a Physiotherapy, Exercise and Physical Activity MOOC (#PEPA16). A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course; it is free and available globally. MOOCs offer a flexible CPD option; you can lurk quietly, dip in and out, or get stuck in, complete the activities, contribute to the discussions and evidence your CPD with a certificate of completion. The MOOC will be a global learning experience on a highly topical subject…and from the comfort of your own home!

MOOC tweetchat

To kick things off we are running a Tweetchat on physiotherapists as leaders in physical activity.  The hashtag for the Tweetchat will be the same hashtag as the MOOC: #PEPA16

Physical inactivity is one of the leading causes of poor health and death worldwide, and physiotherapists have a key role to play in encouraging and enabling their patients to increase their physical activity levels. In this tweetchat we will be focusing on the amazing opportunity that physiotherapists have to promote physical activity every day. Information from physiotherapists is seen as trustworthy and credible and working closely with people with long-term conditions naturally gives rise to “teachable moments” when there is an enhanced opportunity for behaviour change. 

We will discuss how we can maximise these opportunities and we’ll consider future opportunities.  There is growing evidence that active healthcare professionals promote physical activity more often and more effectively, so we will also consider our responsibilities in managing our own health, in creating active physiotherapy environments and in developing community links.  This links with the #WeCommunities initiative for healthcare professionals to #GetActive this August

Join us on Monday 13th June to tweet about all things active!

Pre-chat resources

Tweetchat support

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  1. Started training as a Physiotherapist fifty one years ago,thirty five years in professional football in Scotland England and the Middle East, now working in the Health Service,what would you like to know?.

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