Opening doors to different roles: non-clinical careers #physiotalk 19 September 2016

opening-doorsOn Monday 19th September at 8pm UK time we’ll be tweetchatting about different career pathways for physiotherapists, focusing on non-clinical roles and development.

There’s been some interesting discussion on and offline recently about the different career pathways physiotherapists can take.  Service management, lecturing, quality improvement, commissioning, project and programme management and more – our transferable skills, and new ones, can take us into a range of roles and sectors. And yet our nursing colleagues are often more confident in taking these opportunities.

Pre-chat information

Questions to think about before the chat:

  1. What are the transferable skills we develop as physiotherapists that can take us into managerial and strategic roles?
  2. What new knowledge and skills can open different doors for us?
  3. As a profession do we value non-clinical skills and roles?
  4. How important is it that we maintain some clinical time?
  5. How can expanding our view of career development help us, our services and our profession?
  6. How can these roles help more physiotherapists reach board level roles in healthcare? Why is this important?

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