Promoting the Value & Benefit of Care Sector Placements for Physiotherapy Students: #physiotalk 27th Nov 8pm

“inclusive…..patient-centred……and team-oriented”

These are the words chosen by a physiotherapy student who completed a new integrated practice-based learning experience between Carers Direct Ltd., an independent sector organisation that provides care in peoples’ homes, and a NHS Highland Reablement Team in Oban.

A short description of the experience is given in this video clip:

Care placement

On the back of the September CSP campaign (#prblcsp), to promote the range of student practice-based learning opportunities that are possible in Scotland, short clips from Student Story evaluations have been shared using the hashtag #AHPCare. The video clips have been shared each day in November 2017 on Facebook and Twitter from the Care Inspectorate, Scottish Care and NHS Education for Scotland to promote the outcomes of successful cross-sector partnership working to develop student practice-based learning experiences in the Care Sector. These partnerships have involved universities, care providers, NHS services and students.

The social media activity has been themed over the month:

Theme 1: Supporting policy into practice and future workforce development

Theme 2: How to create new integrated experiences for the future workforce

Theme 3:  Sharing & Learning with UK and international partners

This Physiotalk twitter chat provides an opportunity to discuss the first two themes, and provides an opportunity to enable the third and will be co-hosted by Peter Glover from NHS Education Scotland tweeting as @PeteAHPed


Please consider these questions before the chat on Monday 27th November

  • What are the benefits to the public of the physiotherapy profession and the Care Sector working more closely together?
  • What are the benefits of practice-based learning in the Care Sector for students?
  • How can the provision of  student practice-based learning in the Care Sector benefit the Care Provider?
  • What are the benefits of  practice-based learning in the Care Sector for the profession
  • Supervision is often a concern when establishing Care Sector placements. What solutions can be used to overcome the concerns?
  • What is needed to safely increase the range of physiotherapy Care Sector placements?
  • With successful student placement pilots which have been evaluated, what should the next steps be to repeat or create more Care Sector placements?

Care placement 3.jpg


This is what AHP National Leads have to say about developing student practice-based learning (placement) experiences in the Care and Third sectors:

This is what two physiotherapy students benefited from, and contributed, during their split practice-based learning experience between an NHS Reablement Team and a Care at Home service.

Hear about how the collaborative work to establish a split practice-based learning experience between an NHS Reablement Team and a Care at Home service in Oban.

Have a look here at some resources that aim to share learning and encourage more partnership working with the Care Sector and create more physiotherapy practice-based learning experiences.



Peter D. Glover is employed by NHS Education for Scotland, as an AHP Practice Education Coordinator, as part of the AHP Practice Education Programme. He is also member of the CSP Scottish Board

Pete says ‘Part of my role supports growing capacity for student practice-based learning and working in partnership with practice education providers and universities to quality assure these experiences. I work closely with people from Universities, AHP Practice Education Leads within each NHS Board in Scotland to  monitor practice placement agreements, audit against Quality Standards for Practice Placements and support sufficient numbers of student practice-based learning experiences through supported practice educators. Increasingly, the AHP Practice Education Programme is supporting partnerships to develop Care Sector practice-based learning for students.’


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