CSP council elections #physiotalk Mon 19th Feb 2018

IMG_3672 (1)With apologies for those Physiotalk followers outside of the UK, our tweetchat on Monday 19th February at 8pm GMT will be focused on elections for the new Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) council.

New CSP Council

Following the governance review and subsequent decision at the CSP AGM the new council will be smaller, with 12 members, but more strategically focused.

The CSP have said:

The Council is the driving force behind the CSP. Council members work with our staff team and set the Society’s strategy and the direction. It’s a great opportunity for passionate members prepared to share their time, energy and ideas to get more involved in the Society’s work. Council members bring invaluable experience and perspectives from all walks of life to the CSP. We need a diverse body to make sure the Society’s work can reach every member. Members should be able to pick from candidates with different skills, backgrounds and a wide variety of professional experience. We want a Council that reflects the talent and breadth of our membership.

This is an exciting time for the CSP, and it is up to us all as members to make sure we fully engage in the process of electing members to the new council. Your election pack should have arrived and you have until 26th February to return your ballot paper. There is more information around the process on the CSP website. You are banned from grumbling about CSP work on twitter if you fail to use your votes!

The most important thing though is to use your vote! 

We would therefore like to take this opportunity to use #Physiotalk to host a tweetchat focused on the CSP council elections, the role of council,  and what members can and should ask of their prospective and elected council members.

Tweetchat ground rules

There is specific guidance for CSP members, candidates and CSP around the use of social media during the election process and it is important that all taking part in the chat are aware of and adhere to these guidelines In particular we must ensure that discussions are positive and comply with the canvassing rules and professional standards.

So – what questions do you want to ask?

What do you think are the burning issues for physiotherapists in the UK? What do you want the new Council to focus on after the elections?

You can tweet us your suggestions in the run up to Monday 19th but here are a few that we could ask on the night! However we will ask the questions that YOU want answered…

Possible chat questions

  1. What qualities are important for a member of CSP council?
  2. How are you going to ensure the wide variety of views held by CSP members are represented in council?
  3. What about devolved issues – how are you going to ensure the issues from the whole of the UK are equally heard?
  4. What are the key issues you see for the year ahead?
  5. What about Brexit – how do you see this affecting the workforce?



Missed the chat – catch up with the transcript


Blog about council

List of candidates

Claire Arditto
Felicity Begley
James Benson
Shona Cain
Gail Foord
Robert Goddard
Katrina Kennedy
Alex MacKenzie
Claire Marshall
Katrina Mitchell
Fidelma Moran
Sarah Morton
Rachael Moses
Stuart Paterson
Denise Prescott
Karen Robb
Emma Ryan
Barbara Sharp
Sarah Shephard
Rachel Spearing
John Stephens
Marie-Claire Wadley
Jackie Waterfield
Katie Wilkie
Amy Witt
Danielle Wright


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  1. sorry i can’t join you all tonight but monday nights are reserved for my first point of contact clinician pilot for a gp federation in oxford. This is an out of hours service and therefore will be working, but if anyone has any burning questions please don’t hesitate to contact me! thank you for your understanding Regards Marie-Clare

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