#Physiotalk 100th chat – Moving beyond digital Mon 23rd April 8.30pm

Physiotalk was ‘born’ out of a Twitter conversation in 2013 and our very first chat was held in December 2013. Fast forward to April 2018 and we are just about to hold our 100th #physiotalk chat – it will be on Monday 23rd April at 8.30pm BST (we are still piloting a slight change of time!).

Our first chat was called ‘Making the most of Social media’ so it does seem very fitting that your choice of chat for our 100th was ‘Moving beyond digital’

Physiotalk 100

Before we go onto the chat though – can we indulge ourselves with a few stats to celebrate our 100th chat.

We now have 23,600 followers – thank you! 

A huge thank you as well to our guest hosts – over 60 of them! We couldn’t do Physiotalk without your ideas and suggestions for chats – so please keep them coming!

Over 99 chats the #physiotalk hashtag has had 106, 062, 717 impressions and during our fastest ever chat we recorded over 1000 tweets (that’s around a tweet every five seconds if my maths is correct!). Don’t worry though – the #physiotalk chats aren’t always that fast, but they are always interesting!

We’ve also undertaken research on Physiotalk with more in the pipeline to understand more fully how people use Physiotalk and Twitter for CPD.

So – what about moving beyond digital?

What does that mean, as of course we do already spend most of our time off line rather than online?

I suspect to some people it means how to translate the interactions, conversations or learning you have in a digital space into your non digital life. At its very simplest it might be asking yourself how you translate that great idea you saw on Twitter into reality in your workplace?

To others it might mean how do you move the connections you make on Twitter into stronger face to face connections? A Twitter friendship is the first link (and we all know how good a Tweet meet can be at a conference to bring Twitter friendships to life!) but how to take this further to form stronger collaborations. The #globalPT network means that now, more than ever before, you can make connections that go beyond your usual circle of connections.  Have you done this and have experiences to share? What has been the benefit to your practice of doing this?

But for some it may mean going beyond the basic digital skills of understanding the platform to a deeper digital understanding. To put it another way – going beyond knowing HOW to tweet to an understanding of WHY you may want to use Twitter in your professional life and how to achieve this.

A final thought (thanks to @RobYeldham) is moving beyond using digital within our profession to using it to influence outside of physiotherapy. Most of the conversations I see on Twitter are between physiotherapists – how do we widen this to ensure we can influence beyond the borders of our profession?

We are all developing as digital practitioners, which Naomi explored in her blog last year and her closing comments  may be pertinent for our discussions now:

‘Social media communities and learning will always be about people not platforms. The skills we need to socialise, collaborate, learn and lead in digital spaces are really not that different to those we use offline. As we develop as digital learners, practitioners and leaders we need to use those skills to ensure we are providing the best care and services we possibly can’

So join us on Monday 23rd April at 8.30pm to discuss

  • What does moving beyond digital mean to you?
  • How have you taken ideas from Twitter and translated them into your professional life
  • How have you moved the links made on Twitter into your non digital life? What has been the benefits of doing this?
  • How have you moved beyond an understanding of the how to the why?
  • Moving beyond physiotherapy to a digital influence outside of the profession – Why and How?


Missed the chat?

Catch up with the transcript




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