Improving perceptions of physiotherapy #physiotalk Mon 29th Oct

Following on from the workshop sessions that Naomi ran at #TheBigRs we are going to be looking at the perceptions of physiotherapy on Monday 29th October at 8.30 GMT (remember if you are following from outside of the UK that the clocks have gone back an hour and we are now on GMT!)

The focus in #TheBigRs (I can’t think of it as anything other than a hashtag…) was on MSK physiotherapy, but lets broaden this out a little to the public perception of physiotherapy in general for this weeks tweetchat.


The first question asked in the workshops was

‘Why do we need to improve perceptions of physiotherapy?’

A national telephone survey in early 1992 (Sheppard 1994) found that physiotherapists were best known for their treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. However it appeared the public was unaware of the full range of physiotherapy services. A quick google search and there’s been limited open-source, published data since for the UK.

Perceptions of physiotherapy influence who pays for and accesses our services and their expectations of them. It affects businesses and NHS services, the effectiveness of care and patient outcomes.

So we have some work to do to improve the public’s perceptions of physiotherapy (and perhaps physiotherapists as well).

How do we do this?

The first thing is to know who to influence – know who your stakeholders are.

Stakeholders are individuals or groups with an interest in and/or power and influence over your service, because they:

  • receive it
  • pay for it
  • manage it
  • regulate it
  • are affected by its outcomes
  • can change perceptions of it

Once you know who your stakeholders are, then you need to plan and prioritise:

  • Who are your key stakeholders?
  • What is their level of interest (in you or your service or your profession!)
  • What is their current perception of your service?
  • How much can they influence?

Questions to consider

  • Who are our stakeholders and why?
  • What are your stakeholders perceptions of your service? How do you know? How could you find out more?
  • How much can THEY influence our services?
  • How can you influence your stakeholders and their perceptions, and why?
  • What do you want others’ perceptions of physiotherapy to be?


Missed the chat? Here is the transcript

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