First Contact Physiotherapists #physiotalk 18th March

The spread of First Contact Physiotherapists (FCP) in the UK has been significant, with many areas either developing posts or fully implementing FCPs locally. There is organisational support for these roles but the roll out at some scale and pace is not without its challenges.  A quick search for physiotherapy jobs and it is obvious how many FCP posts are being developed. This is only going to increase with the recent announcement of the new GP contract and its support for FCP posts.   

So, it is an exciting time for the development of these services – but does it provide challenges for traditional physiotherapy services? What issues are there for recruitment and training? 

On Monday 18th March at 8.30pm we will be discussing FCP – join us! 


Questions to consider

  • Does your local area have a FCP service?
  • What are the challenges in providing a FCP service?
  • Are the core capabilities sufficient and robust?
  • What are the benefits of providing a FCP service?
  • Do we have the workforce to deliver FCP across the UK?


Missed the chat? Catch up with the transcript instead.


Musculoskeletal core capabilities framework for first point of contact practitioner

A review of a FCP scheme


Physiotherapists as an alternative to GP for musculoskeletal conditions in primary care

First Contact Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Practitioner Pilot at Ravenscourt GP Practice

Can physiotherapy FCP reduce the burden on GPs and improve the management of MSK conditions.


Physiotherapy as first point of contact service for patients with musculoskeletal complaints: understanding the challenges of implementation

The CSP has produced guidance:

FCP implementation guidance (England and Wales)

FCP patient and receptionist materials

Think physio for Primary care policy briefings (UK wide)


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