The role of family in health and rehabilitation #physiotalk 10th June

Due to an unexpected postponement of this weeks original chat (Topic will now be discussed on 24th June) we have now got a new topic to discuss – the role of family in health and rehabilitation. We will be discussing this on Monday 10th June at 8.30pm BST – so same place, same time, just a different topic!

adult affection baby child

The World Health Organisation has said ‘Family is the fundamental institution of organization in society. Families provide the millieu where individuals are born, nurtured, learn to socialize and where an individual’s behaviour and views take shape‘. We, as health care professionals often cannot view our patients in isolation – they are usually part of some type of family unit and if we do not appreciate this, then our interventions might be lacking in a vital component, or we could miss out on an opportunity for more effective rehabilitation.

We all know how important family is to us all – and when we are ill or in need the importance of family support cannot be over estimated. This support goes from cradle to grave; from the care of neonates through to end of life care. It is support that is often freely and willingly given, but in contrast it can leave family members who support or care for a loved one exhausted from caring or even just from navigating the complexities of the health and social care systems. Is then adding the burden of assisting with rehabilitation a step too far?

In this chat we are going to explore a number of factors linked to family on our health and of course rehabilitation.


Questions to consider

How does family impact on our health?

How important do you feel family is to recovery from illness?

How important do you feel family is to the rehabilitation process – and why?

What strategies do you use to involve family in rehabilitation?

How do you consider family or carer stress during recovery and rehabilitation?


Useful resources and pre-reading

Clinical Implications of Family‐Centered Care in Stroke Rehabilitation

The needs of families of ICU trauma patients: an integrative review

Family Influence in Recovery from Severe Mental Illness

An integrated model of social environment and social context for pediatric rehabilitation

Missed the chat?

Here is the transcript

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