Development needs and opportunities #physiotalk 2nd March 8pm

Join us for our next chat on Monday 2nd March at 8pm where we will be talking all about development opportunities for physiotherapists with @clairegeorge03

Physiotherapy as a profession has developed exponentially in a positive way over recent years. Previous glass ceilings in clinical and leadership areas have been broken to deal with the forever changing demands and trends placed upon the NHS. With the latest clinical example being the launch of the First Contact Practitioner (CSP, 2019), and AHPs being encouraged to hold senior management roles (NHS Improvement 2019)

Recent evidence from NHS Improvement (2019) and The King’s Fund (2019) suggest that for the NHS to be sustainable staff retention is key; with development and education of the current workforce a fundamental factor. The Top 5 Asks of the MSK Reform (2019) documents also highlights education and excellence as essential requirements from the profession moving forwards.


With the move of many highly experienced staff into First Contact Practitioner roles or Advanced Clinical Practitioner roles there is currently an artificial ‘gap’ in many services which current Band 5 and 6 staff are looking to fill. But development towards more senior roles takes time and often needs specific or focussed pathways to enable staff to be skilled and competent. Does the current and very traditional rotational model for more junior staff still fill that development need? Or do we need to think differently into the 2020’s.

Chat questions

  • What development opportunities, if any, are available in your workplace?
  • What development opportunities would you like to see? Bearing in mind the new pathways available to physiotherapists, clinically and in leadership areas.
  • With development in mind, what length of rotations do you feel work the best and why?
  • With personal development in mind, are there any benefits of repeating the same rotation multiple times?
  • Where next do you see the physiotherapy profession developing to?

Our chat host

Claire (@clairegeorge03) says ‘I am an experienced rotational Band 5 physiotherapist, who has completed all core rotations at my Trust. I have a passion for learning and development, due to my previous career in the teaching and education sector. I also have a particular interest in leadership, due to previous leadership work roles, my forward thinking vision and ability to embrace change. I am very excited by the advanced opportunities available for physiotherapists (clinically and leadership) and would like to know how different trusts are developing staff to meet the needs of the ever changing profession.’


Missed the chat? Catch up with the transcript 

Chat resources

Investing in professionally diverse leadership

Realising the potential of allied health professions

AHPs into action – our first year

First contact practitioner guidance

Advanced practice in physiotherapy 

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