#AHPsActive travel – a #physiotalk tweetchat Monday 1st Aug 8pm

The date of our next #physiotalk tweetchat is Monday 1st August at 8pm BST. But the 1st August is also the start of the now annual #WeActiveChallenge when a variety of health care professionals compete against each other to be the most active in August – the type of competition where we all win! We at Physiotalk have always been enthusiastic advocates for this competition, and by default of course we are supporters of #AHPsActive!

To start August off in style, the focus of our tweetchat for 1st August will be getting active – and more specifically active travel. This was suggested by physiotherapy student @rhian_hunter who is currently working on her dissertation: Active travel promotion by physiotherapists. If you get a chance before the tweetchat – please do fill out her survey which will close at the end of July.

So – what is active travel, do we promote it as physiotherapists and do we do it ourselves as a health promoting behaviour?

Active travel is a type of physical activity involving purposeful journeys to a destination, and is different from walking, cycling, and wheeling solely for leisure or fitness.

Active travel is a fantastic way to start your working day, and whats more if you walk, bike, run, row, skateboard (??) to work, then because you will most probably be doing the same to get home, then that’s two opportunities to get in a picture with an #AHPsActive hashtag!

Last year I used Cycle to Work Day (which falls during #AHPsActive month) as the catalyst for my own start into active travel. I had never cycled to work before, and now I cycle once a week through rain, wind, occasional sunshine but not snow – I draw the line somewhere! Would I have done this without the double prod of #AHPsActive and noticing that it was Cycle To Work Day – I don’t know, but it certainly helped me on the way!

What would be the trigger for you to start to use more methods of active travel? And if you are using active travel methods yourself already – have you considered promoting it as an option for your patients? And if not – why not?

Chat questions

  • Do you use any active travel means in your day to day life?
  • What benefits do you gain from active travel?
  • Do you promote active travel to your patients?
  • What benefits do you think your patients will gain?
  • What barriers do you find to promoting active travel?
  • What would you need to promote active travel more in your clinical role?


Active travel toolkit

Active Travel – England framework

Active Travel – Scotland

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