Post-chat summary from #askHCPC & #physiotalk with @The_HCPC 3 Feb 2014

It was busy day for #physiotalk on Monday 3rd February, with 2 tweet chats with @The_HCPC on registration, renewals and continuing professional development (CPD) timed to coincide with the start of registration renewals for physiotherapists. Out thanks to the @The_HCPC for giving us such a useful opportunity to chat with them on Twitter.

If you found it hard to keep up, or missed the chat, here is some post-chat information for both chats to read at your leisure.

#ask HCPC 12-2pm

The first chat took place at lunchtime, hosted by @The_HCPC, and was a brilliant opportunity to ask HCPC staff ‘live’ questions about registration, renewals and CPD – most of the tweets from the chat are in the physiotalk Storify which you can read by clicking here.

#askHCPC Storify

#physiotalk 8-9pm

It was back to our usual chat format and hashtag in the evening:

393,419 Impressions

448 Tweets

68 Participants 

The #physiotalk analytics give you some numbers and activity. The transcript contains all the tweets from the chat and are a great way to read and reflect on areas of discussion. The timing are in Pacific time (PST), which is 8 hours behind GMT.

Top Tips!

There are some top tips from last night summarised in a #physiotalk Storify story you can read by clicking here.

CPD postcards

There was quite a lot of interest in the CPD postcards produced by @theCSP. These are handy sized cards to note down CPD activity and reflection (see photo below, along with my paper reflection form!).  The postcards were produced by the Championing CPD team at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, copies can be ordered by emailing

2013-12-02 16.13.17

CPD Apps

There was also lots of interest in the mention of CPD Apps by @PhysioNZ and @LCphysio.  We’ll keep in touch with Physiotherapy New Zealand about their App and keep you posted.

The ePortfolio PebblePad 3 (available to members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy) is not available as an App but is available as a mobile version. This did seem to involve quite a few clicks on my phone, through the ePortfolio page on the CSP website, to get where I wanted to this morning, but I was able to save the mobile-site to the home screen on my phone, it works well so far, and looks like this (on my HTC):

Screenshot_2014-02-04-10-55-25         Screenshot_2014-02-04-10-55-16

If you’re not a member of the CSP there is some information on Pebblepad here, including how to purchase an individual account.

Our next #physiotalk

Our next #physiotalk will be on Monday 17th February, on quality improvement – pre-chat info coming soon!

All #PhysioTalk Participants

You can click on each photo above to view a person’s profile and follow them on Twitter.

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