#physiotalk on professional development portfolios 31st March 2014

Our next #physiotalk is on Monday 31st March 8pm (BST) and we’ll be talking about starting, maintaining and using your professional development portfolio.

This is an extra #physiotalk we have fitted into the calendar when we realised that discussing CPD portfolios as well as applications and interviews during our next chat on the 14th April was probably too much to squeeze in during one hour!


A well organised CPD folder is not only key to preparing your submission to the HCPC if you have been selected for the current CPD audit, it is also essential for appraisals, personal development and career planning, job applications and interviews – so it’s really important to start one as a student as well as continuing to keep it responsive and up to date throughout your career.

In this chat we’re hoping to build on our #physiotalk with the HCPC in February (click here for pre-chat information and here for post-chat information) and focus on how you can start, maintain and make the most of your professional development portfolio as a student, associate or qualified physiotherapist or healthcare professional.

Chat support!

Areas of discussion

  • When and how to get started on your professional development portfolio
  • What to include in your portfolio – planning and maintaining it
  • Paper or electronic, or both?
  • What useful resources are out there to help you?


Chat resources

#physiotalk CPD Survey results

CPD portfolios

Participants included a range of evidence within their CPD portfolio:

Responses to our survey reflects that time is clearly a significant barrier to engagement in portfolio development and maintenance. Members of the CSP can use CSP quality assurance standards to support them in making the case for time for CPD: Section 3 of the standards addresses learning & development. For example, section 3.4 makes a recommendation about minimum amount of time for informal CPD with a view to members working with managers and stewards to negotiate protected time.

For more results click here.

Post chat summary

351,378 Impressions

400 Tweets

76 Participants

For more analytics click here and click here for the chat transcript – you’ll find lots of great ideas, tips and links in here!

All #PhysioTalk Participants

Hosted by @Naomiphysio from the #physiotalk team and Rhys Hughes @RHphysio (Final Year Physiotherapy Student at Cardiff University).



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