#physiotalk quality improvement 17th Feb 2014

On Monday 17th February 8-9pm (GMT) our #physiotalk tweet chat hosted by @JanetThomas and @terrycordery focuses on quality improvement in healthcare, what it involves for the physiotherapy community and exploring the tools and methods by which to embark on change for improvement. We’re planning to cover what this means to you and to service-users, and your experiences so far in quality improvement – whether small, service-based improvements or service transformation across a local area.

Quality improvement can include 6 key dimensions: being safe, effective, person centred, timely, efficient and equitable. It is a current priority for NHS services in the UK, but we hope to keep these discussions equally relevant for international colleagues and physiotherapists in private practice.


Clearly this is a huge area, and ambitious to cover in a one-hour tweet chat so we will keep it focused! We hope the chat will stimulate ideas and discussion, and promote sharing of information and experience. The chat will be co-hosted by a team of three physiotherapists:

  • Terry Cordrey @terrycordery: Father, golfer, clinical leadership fellow, physiotherapist, novice improvement scientist. All views my own.
  • Janet Thomas @JanetThomas47 Physiotherapist – passionate about working with older people and educating the next generation of physios. Views my own. Supporting #physiotalk.

Areas of discussion

  • How do physiotherapy services measure and monitor quality of service delivery?
  • How can we involve patients in quality improvement?
  • Is there a need to introduce quality improvement theory and practical application as part of the undergraduate curricular?
  • What is the role of physiotherapy leadership and management in improving quality?

Pre-chat reading suggestions

Post-chat information

If you found it hard to keep up, or missed the chat, here is some post-chat information to read at your leisure.

377,961 Impressions

545 Tweets

77 Participants

The #physiotalk transcript contains all the Tweets from the discussions on the night and the next morning and give you a really good account of the discussions. The analytics give you some numbers and activity.The timing are in Pacific time (PST), which is 8 hours behind GMT.  There were a few tweets without the hashtag included and unfortunately they won’t be in the analytics or transcript.

#physiotalk participants (click on picture to go to twitter profile):

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