Physiotherapy and strength training #physiotalk 25th April 8pm BST

Our next #physiotalk tweetchat will be on Monday 25th April at 8pm BST.

The topic will focus on strength training in physiotherapy – a hot topic at the moment with the recent launch of the CSP ‘Stronger my way’ campaign.

However, we will not be discussing the campaign specifically – more the general principles of strengthening and resistance training with and for our patients. We know we SHOULD advise this – after all it is a central part of the CMO physical activity guidelines. But do we? Or if we do, is it only with certain populations? Join in on Monday 25th to discuss what you do, why and how you support your client group to be come stronger.

Chat questions

Do you prescribe strength training to your client / patients?

Have you had specific training to prescribe strength based exercises? And – is it needed?

Are there any patient groups you would NOT suggest strength training for?

What have you found to be the barriers to prescribing strength training to your patients?

How do you adapt or modify strength training for your client group?

How do you know how hard to train a patient / client?

How do you promote long term adherence to a suitable programme?

How to tweetchat?

Not sure what to do? Follow our helpful guidance here and here

Chat transcript

Missed the chat? Catch up here…

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