Your vision for social media? #physiotalk 6th October 2014

It’s 10 years since Facebook launched, and eight years since the start of twitter. In that time perceptions of, and approaches to, how we use social media as a profession have changed and developed. There are more and more people using social media to connect, influence, share and learn across professional, hierarchical and international boundaries.  Digital leaders – patients, students, clinicians, academics, CEOs – show us how it can be done well: professionally and with personality.


We’ve also seen NHS Improving Quality publish their white paper on change in July 2014, which talks about new ways to lead and bring about change; that the most effective leaders of change are those who can build and use networks to create relationships, and how social media can play a part in this:

‘I grew up on a physical world and I speak English. The next generation is growing up in a digital world, and they speak social’

Your vision for using social media as a profession

Social media is growing, expanding and changing at such a pace it can be hard to keep up. How does of our use of social media need to grow, and what do we need to do to achieve this? During the chat we’ll look back briefly and then we want your ideas on how your think we can, and should, use social media as a profession – and what might lie ahead.

Here’s some things to think about before the chat:?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • What’s changed over the past year or two?
  • What do you think we need to do differently as a profession when it comes to social media?
  • How do we encourage digital professionalism and digital leadership?
  • How do we build networks and communities using social media?
  • How can we use social media to listen to, involve and help patients?
  • How do we keep up with changes in social media?
  • What help do we need?

Physiotherapy UK 2014

We’re holding this twitter chat ahead of Physiotherapy UK 10-11th October. The conference will build on use of social media at last year’s event.

Two debates will include use of twitter for people inside and outside of the session:

  1. Are physiotherapists the exercise specialists of choice for people with long term conditions? Saturday 11th October 9am – chaired by Helena Johnson, an active tweeter who championed the use of twitter during her time as Chair of CSP Council
  2. Self-management – who benefits? Saturday 11th October 3.30pm

There will also be support from CSP staff on the CSP stand throughout the conference to help delegates set up, start using and develop use of social mediaas well as a workshop on using social media for professional networking on Friday 1oth October 1-1.30pm (we’ll be there!) .

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