Professional networking with Twitter workshop

@Physiotalk (Naomi and Janet) led a Twitter workshop on Friday 10th October at Physiotherapy UK alongside Rob Ledger, the CSP head of online communications – and thank you to the CSP for inviting us to do this.

For those of you unable to make it to Physiotherapy UK this year, or those at the conference who couldn’t make it to the workshop, then you can still find out what was going on! Not only can you search for the conference hashtag for all tweets from conference, #physio14, (and see the conference transcript and analytics)  you can see the slides and twitter plan we encouraged participants to use.

Physiotalk powerpoint

The slides we used are here: Professional networking with twitter and we covered these 6 areas about tweeting


Physiotalk twitter plan

We would encourage all novice tweeters, as well as those wanting to expand their use of twitter, to have a look at the plan and perhaps work through some of the twitter tasks at your own pace. You may not be able to find a mentor sitting beside you if you weren’t able to be at the workshop – but plenty of people out there on twitter would be willing to help you at the start of your tweeting journey – just ask!

You may like to look at some of the ‘How to tweet chat’ pages we have on this website as well…

How to tweet chat

Keeping up with tweet chats

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