How to tweet chat

Tweet chats are an easy way to share knowledge and experience, and learn from other people.

Here are some tips for taking part in a tweet chat:

  1. Join Twitter if you haven’t already!
  2. Read through the links and resources page on this blog, particularly guidance on social media use from the Health and Care Professions Council and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.
  3. Look out for chats being publicised on Twitter and our Facebook page
  4. Before the chat have a look at any pre-chat information, and if you have time look at any of the resources provided.  Think about anything you would like to share, including links to useful websites or documents.
  5. You can take part in a tweet chat from a phone, tablet or computer, but sometimes phones can be slow so computers often work best, especially if you are planning to contribute to the discussion.
  6. The # for the chat is what ‘binds’ it together and enables everyone taking part to follow the conversation – so use the agreed # to find the chat and  in anything you tweet – we will be using #physiotalk for our first tweet chat.
  7. You don’t have to tweet,  you can just follow the conversation, especially if you are still getting used to tweet chats.  You might like to introduce yourself, using the #, and mention that you’ll be there watching and listening.
  8. Some tweet chats can be fast moving so don’t worry if you can’t keep up, you can use the # to read through the conversation at your own pace afterwards.
  9. Look through the post chat information afterwards, and also if you missed the chat, for a summary of what was discussed and any additional links .
  10. You can reflect on the chat and what you learned or need to find out more about as part of your CPD (see PhysioTalk and your CPD).

Regular healthcare tweet chats include #WeNurses; #OTalk, #Occhat, #nhssm and #patientleaders.

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