Breaking Down Clinical and Performance Boundaries with Language Strategies #physiotalk 16th May

The #physiotalk chat on Monday 16th May at 8pm BST is being hosted by Jenni Brozena, who may be better known to you as @AqueousCo. She asks – Are adolescent athletes injured more or are they choosing not to access the healthcare system for fear of being shut down from play?

Much effort and extensive resources are poured into making great clinicians, great performance coaches, and great athletes, but we often neglect our skills to effectively communicate our specific value in assisting the athlete throughout the performance continuum. Effective language strategies are highly sought after in traditional “sales” professions, but in the business of ‘selling’ clinical care, performance enhancement, and athlete development we must improve our ability to communicate evidence-based material, in which value is seen by the athlete to pursue the professionals advice.

Competitive sports are no longer a place for a teenager to build character and get exercise, but rather are deeply connected to fiscal investment from the family and opportunity for the athlete whether it is through educational scholarships or a chance in the professional arena. Underdeveloped language strategies from healthcare professionals and performance coaches can result in an injured athlete not choosing to participate in their services because they are simply confused as to whom they should listen

Physiotalk Aqueous

This conversation will include:

  1. How to read your audience and understand some barriers that may be relative to a specific sport, athlete culture, age, socioeconomic demographic, etc
  2. How to communicate treatment goals and improve the athlete’s commitment to the program.
  3. How to approach parents and coaches who may not be receptive to your professional contribution.

Questions asked during the chat will look at:

  • When presented with an injured adolescent athlete and his/her parent, what is your go-to statement to unify the room and create a common goal for everyone?
  • What is the biggest barrier for athlete compliance with treatment/performance program?
  • What strategy do you employ to remove that barrier from the athlete’s experience?
  • The “win” is what benefits you directly. What is your “win” as a practitioner clinician?
  • Learn the “win” of your athlete. How can you continue to incorporate their “win” in your communication with them?
  • How can you include coaches into your overall treatment plan for the athlete? Go beyond simply writing a note for return to play.

Chat host biography

Jenni Brozena is an international sport scientist and Owner/President of Aqueous, an international organization empowering actionable engagement between aquatic athletes, sport science, human performance, and healthcare. Jenni brings a history working in orthopaedic sports medicine, sports performance, and is now the Lead Sport Scientist for Aqueous where she utilizes applied sport science as a tool for cross-disciplinary collaboration between performance coaches and healthcare practitioners. Jenni has had abstracts accepted internationally and is an experienced adjunct professor.


If you missed the chat then please have a look at the transcript here

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