Technology in healthcare: innovation, acceptance and adoption #physiotalk 8 August 2016

Our tweetchat on Monday 8th August at 8pm UK time will be discussing technology in health and healthcare. We’ll be covering the knowledge, skills, values and behaviours we need to develop and evaluate new and existing technologies, and put them into routine use.

Technology and physiotherapy

apple-watch-right-handTechnology isn’t new to physiotherapy. Electrotherapy has been in use for years, but the pace of change for new devices to market mean that there is now far more choice of technology for healthcare professionals, patients and communities to use and improve health and healthcare.

The NHS is notoriously slow at putting proven technologies into practice, so how do we keep up with the pace of technological changes and make sure we are making the most of all that technology has to offer in improving clinical and cost effectiveness, as well as improving health, outcomes and patient experience?

Earlier this week I attended an ecosystem event in Manchester, a network that brings together academic expertise, industry partners, NHS, Public Health and local government, and patient and service user representatives. The event focused on technology promoting physical activity & healthier lifestyles. I was struck by both how relevant the afternoon was for AHPs, but also how much we could add to the discussion and debate.

Devices, diagnostics, genomics, drugs, telecare, electronic patient records, apps, websites, messaging, Skype, social media, wearables, genomics to name but a few. How do we develop our understanding of what adds value when and where, and a structured, systematic approach to putting technology into practice and evaluating impact?

Questions to think about before the chat

  1. What technology is out there for us to use in health promotion, clinical practice and learning/education?
  2. What skills do we need to use, critique, and adopt technology into routine practice?
  3. What knowledge and skills do patients and communities need?
  4. What support is out there to help us?
  5. How can we get involved in influencing technology development and adoption at a local, regional and national level?
  6. Do we need a national (or international) physiotherapy forum or network to focus on supporting and leading technology development and adoption?

Pre-chat resources


You can catch-up on everything discussed with the tweetchat transcript.

Tweetchat host
The chat will be hosted by Naomi McVey, co-founder and network lead for physiotalk and also Programme Manager for AHP Workforce in the North West of England. Prior to this Naomi worked as a Medical Techology Implementation Manager for NICE.

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