#AHPsActive and the #WeActiveChallenge

AHPsActive collage2You may have noticed some tweets over the past week or so on #AHPsActive and the #WeActiveChallenge.  Organised by the WeCommunities, including @WeNurses and @WeAHPs, it’s a month-long social media campaign and competition focused on inspiring the healthcare and police workforce to take part in physical activity over August.

We’re supporting the @WeAHPs team by encouraging members of the Physiotalk community to get involved and support #AHPsActive.

Based on last year’s #AHPsActive v #NursesActive competition the campaign aims to:

  • raise the profile of the importance of peer support and role modelling in physical activity
  • help us practice what we teach as health care professionals
  • motivate and inspire
  • create a sense of community.

The campaign builds on last year’s success and has expanded across all the WeCommunities, including police community @WeCops.

Share your photos

Taking place on twitter, the WeCommunities are encouraging people to set themselves a physical activity goal for August – to do a bit more than before, do it, and share it on twitter by posting a photo. A leader board using twitter analytics will encourage competition between the different communities, and with support from Public Health England the campaign has teamed up with Virtual Runner UK to provide 500 WeCommunities medals as well.

With 2 physiotherapist involved in organising and leading the campaign we hope you can get involved and support @WeAHPs.

For more information

Find out more via the WeCommunities website and the WeActiveChallenge blog for the BJSM.  You can also watch highlights of last year’s #AHPsActive here on YouTube.

Join us this summer and help us role model a healthy lifestyle with the #AHPsActive!


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